Java FTP API Standardization Project

Project Goals

The Java FTP API Standardization project aims to organize users and developers asking for a RFC959-compliant FTP interface in the Java platform. Problematics and state-of-the-art are described in JavaWorld articles:

How to Help As A Developer?

Oracle has closed RFE 4650689 for a standardized FTP API in the Java platform, won't fix it, and has deleted requesting comments. An alternative to the RFE would be to introduce a Java Submission Request (JSR) into the Java Community Process (JCP) in order to get an open-source API integrated as a javax extension. A candidate for integration could be Jakarta Commons/Net: join their mailing list, address experts, and see if some like the idea.

About Author Jean-Pierre Norguet

Jean-Pierre Norguet holds a Ph.D. in Information and Communication Technology from University of Brussels and a Master's degree in Information and Communication Technology from both University of Brussels and Ecole Centrale Paris. After three years of full-time Java development with IBM on mission-critical e-business applications, as team leader and coach, his areas of expertise grew to include the entire application development lifecycle. His research interests currently focus around Java technologies, ontology integration, bioinformatics, and Web usage mining. In addition to several Java articles online, Dr. Jean-Pierre Norguet's publications include J2EE books with Prentice Hall and IBM Press, as well as several articles in international research conferences, the proceedings of which have been edited by major scientific organizations like ACM, IEEE, and Springer-Verlag. His outside interests include artistic drawing, French theater acting, and kinesiologie (Bruxelles).